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H. Spectrum is pointed by YongLin Healthcare Foundation belong to Foxconn group. Our vision is to boost the trend of Healthcare Startups and to groom the Entrepreneur community in Asia especially in Taiwan. 

We have basically 2 main programs The Entrepreneur Training program and TRANs conference where we bring out all of our Taiwan potential Startups to TRANs’s International Pitch stage. The highlight program is Entrepreneur Training program. This program not only help us to build up a strong Healthcare Startup community, promote comprehensive development in Taiwan but also encourage the innovation of Healthcare in Taiwan.


At the current time, we’re running recruiting program for candidate who have strong passion and Entrepreneurial spirit in Healthcare sector and related fields such as: Medical, Biotechnology, Digital health, Aging ect... for our Entrepreneur Training program that will take place from January until July 2018. 

Since National Cheng Kung University has been running successfully a wide range of education programs which some of them are: Biological sciences, Biotechnology, Science and Electro-optical Engineering,  Industrial Design, Biomedical Engineering, International Business ect…

That why we specifically contact you to make to connection. It would be a great support and encourage if you can help us to share, publish and spread information about our Startups recruitment among Student community. Let’s them acknowledged about our Entrepreneur Training program. Let’s work together to build up a Strong Healthcare ecosystem for all student in Taiwan! 


•    This program is sponsored by YongLin Healthcare Foundation and free of charge.

•    Online registration link:



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